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I wanted New and Old clients to see the shop as more than just being able to do great suspension jobs and felt that it needed a name change to do so. So the transformation from Hackshack over to Branded Customs begins.

While we still do excellent, well lets face it, phenomenal suspension jobs, we also do a huge number of full customization projects like high-end audio systems, superior wheel and tire packages, custom interiors, basically we are a one stop shop for awesomeness.

Using Vendors like JL audio, Focal, Alpine, Forgiatio, Asanti, Tiara Grilles, RBP, Etc etc etc... When it is called fo rwe just make it ourselves from scratch!

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Our team is built of of our loyal employees that have been with us from the beginning and we continue to add those with new talents and abilities. The service we provide is pristine and superior. From Exotics, Daily Drivers to high visibility celebrity client vehicles from the likes of Buffalo Bills; Terrence McGee, Raiders: Chris Johnson, Panthers: Wallace Wright, Steelers: Flozel Adams, Rams: Joe West, Kenoy Kennedy, as well as Clippers: Ike Diogu.